The Regulatory Intermediaries Project

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The regulatory intermediaries project

The main assertion of the project is that we should examine regulatory interactions as something that goes beyond the rule-makers vs rule-taker interactions.

Governance, and regulatory governance in particular, at the transnational, regional and the national levels increasingly involves third type of actors - rule-intermediaries - who may take fruitful or less fruitful role in the legitimacy and effectiveness of regulatory regimes. The purpose of the project is too look at these actors and institutional designs in a comprehensive manner looking at success and failures of credit ranking agencies, accountants, whistle-blowers and third party certification and auditing regimes - in a unified way. I do hope that this new conceptualization will be proved useful.


See: David Levi Faur & Shana M. Starobin, Transnational Politics and Policy: From Two-Way to Three-Way Interactions, JPRG Paper No. 62, February 2014.

Richard Lock's recent presentation on The Promise & Limits of Private Power

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