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Selected Publications on Regulation & Governance

Levi-Faur, David and Jacint Jordana, The Rise of Regulatory Capitalism: The Global Diffusion of a New Order, The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, VOl. 598, No. 1, 2005.

Levi-Faur, David, Varieties of Regulatory Capitalism: Sectors and Nations in the Making of a New Global Order, Governance, Special Issue, 2006, Vol. 19, No. 3.

Jacint Jordana and David Levi-Faur (Eds.), The Politics of Regulation: Institutions and Regulatory Reforms for the Governance Age, Edward Elgar and the CRC Series on Regulation, the University of Manchester, May 2004

Jacint Jordna, D. Levi-Faur and Xavier Fernandez, The Global Diffusion of Regulatory Agencies & the Restructuring of the State, Comparative Political Studies, Forthcoming 2011

John Braithwaite, Cary Coglianese, and D. Levi-Faur, Can Regulation and Governance makes a difference? Regulation & Governance , 2007, 1 (1), 1–7.

Levi-Faur, David, Regulation and Regulatory Governance, in: Levi-Faur, David (Ed), Handbook of the Politics of Regulation, Edward Elgar, Forthcoming 2011.

Europeanization: Selected Papers

Levi-Faur, David, On the 'Net Policy Impact' of the European Union Policy Process: The EU's Telecoms and Electricity Industries in Comparative Perspective, Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 37, No. 1, 2004, pp. 3-29.

Jacint Jordana, David Levi-Faur and Puig Imma, The Limits of Europeanization: Telecommunications and Electricity Liberalization in Spain and Portugal, Governance, 2006, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 437-464.

Levi-Faur, David, The Politics of Liberalization: Privatization and regulation-for-competition in Europe's and Latin America's Telecoms and Electricity industries, European Journal of Political Research,Vol.42(5), 2003, pp. 705-740

Levi-Faur, David, The Governance of Competition: the interplay of technology, economics, and politics in the making of the European Union electricity and telecom regimes,Journal of Public Policy, Vol. 19, No.2, 1999, pp. 175-207.

Levi-Faur, David, Governing the Dutch Telecommunications Reform: Regulation, deregulation and re-regulation within the context of European Policy Regime,Journal of European Public Policy, Vol. 6, No. 1, 1999, pp. 102-122.

Diffusion Studies and Global Public Policy

Orit Gertzek-Rapport, D. Levi-Faur& Dan Miodownik, The Puzzle of the Diffusion of Central Bank Independence Reforms: Insights from an agent-based simulation, Political Studies Journal, Forthcoming, November 2009.

Levi-Faur, David, Herding towards a New Convention: On herds, shepherds, and lost sheep in the liberalization of the telecommunications and electricity industries, Politics Papers, Nuffield College, W6-2002

Jacint Jordna, D. Levi-Faur and Xavier Fernandez, The Global Diffusion of Regulatory Agencies & the Restructuring of the State, Comparative Political Studies, Forthcoming 2011

Israeli Political Economy and Public Policy Papers

Levi-Faur, David The Visible Hand: State-Directed Industrialization in Israel, Yad Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem, 2001. [Hebrew]

Levi-Faur David, Sheffer Gabriel, Vogel David (eds), Israel: The Dynamics of Change and Continuity, Frank Cass, 1999.

Levi-Faur, David, From Private to Public Electrification: A Study of the Context, Factors and Policy Process that Led to Nationalization of the Palestine Electricity Corporation Cathedra, No. 105, September, 2002, pp. 111-150. [Hebrew].

Levi-Faur, David, More Competition More Regulation: The Israeli Communications Revolution and the Role the State, Politika: The Israeli Journal of Political Science and International Relations, No. 4, December 1999, pp. 27-44 [Hebrew].

Levi-Faur, David, The Developmental State: Israel, South Korea and Taiwan Compared", Studies in Comparative International Development, Vol. 33, No. 1, 1998, pp. 65-93.

Levi-Faur, David, A Bittersweet Land: Israel in Comparative Perspective, Israel Studies, Vol. 1, 1996, 294-303.

Levi-Faur, David, "State and Nationalism in the Israeli Political Economy, Israel Affairs, Vol. III, Spring 1996, pp. 143-154.

Levi-Faur, David, Nationalism and the Power of Business; The Manufacturers' Association of Israel, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, Vol. 14, 1996, pp. 193-209.

Levi-Faur, David, "Economic Policy and Nationalism", Cathedra, No. 77, 1995, pp. 139-160, [Hebrew]

Levi-Faur, David, "Building the Israeli State Sector; The Case Study of the Palestine Potash Ltd, Economic Quarterly, Vol. 41, July 1994,pp. 263-293, [Hebrew]

Levi-Faur, David, "The Dynamics of the Liberalization of the Israeli Telecommunications: Policy Emulation and Policy Innovations Outside the Joint-decision Trap", In: Eliassen Kjell and Sajovaag Marit, (eds), European Telecommunications Liberalisation, Routledge, 1999, pp. 173-190

My papers on comparative research designs

Levi-Faur, David, Comparative Research Designs in the Study of Regulation: How to Increase the Number of Cases without Compromising the Strengths of Case-Oriented Analysis, In: Jacint Jordana and Levi-Faur David (Eds), The Politics of Regulation, Elgar and the Centre on Regulation and Competition, University of Manchester.

Levi-Faur, David, A Question of Size?: A Heuristic for Stepwise Comparative Research Design In: RIHOUX, Benoמt and GRIMM, Heike (Eds) Innovative Comparative Methods for Policy Analysis, New York, Springer/Kluwer, 2006, pp.43-66.

Levi-Faur, David Varieties of Regulatory Capitalism: Getting the Most of the Comparative Method, Governance, 2006, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 367-382.

Friedrich List and the Political Economy of the Nation State

Levi-Faur, David Friedrich List and the Political Economy of the Nation-State, Review of International Political Economy, Vol. 4, 1997, pp. 154-178.

Levi-Faur, David, Economic Nationalism: From Friedrich List to Robert Reich, Review of International Studies, Vol. 23, 1997, pp. 359-370.

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