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=== <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">'''More'''</span> ===
=== <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">'''More'''</span> ===
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See my [ Oxford Handbook of Governance]  
See my [ Oxford Handbook of Governance]  

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Handbook on the Politics of Regulation

Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, USA, Forthcoming, November, 2011


 Morel Drefler, No Man's Land Series
Morel Drefler,
No Man's Land Series

This unique handbook offers the most up to date and comprehensive, state of the art reviews of the politics of regulation. It presents and discusses the core theories and concepts of regulation in response to the rise of the regulatory state and regulatory capitalism, and in the context of the 'golden age of regulation'. Its ten sections include forty nine chapters covering issues as diverse and varied as theories of regulation; historical perspectives on regulation; regulation of old and new media; rise regulation, enforcement and compliance; better regulation; civil regulation; European regulatory governance; and global regulation. As a whole, it provides an essential point of reference for all those working on the political social and economic aspects of regulation.

This comprehensive resource will be of immense value to scholars and policymakers in numerous fields and disciplines including political science, public policy and administration, international relations, regulation, international law, business and politics, European studies, regional studies and development studies.

Free Material

Chapter 1: Levi-Faur, David, Regulation and Regulatory Governance

Download Table of Content and Abstracts


Steven J. Balla, Ian Bartle, Tim Bartley, Meike Bokhorst, Andreas Busch, Paul James Cardwell, Tom Christensen, Jørgen Grønnegård Christensen, John W. Cioffi, Margit Cohn, Neil Collins, Salo Coslovsky, Steven P. Croley, Michael W. Dowdle, Sandra Eckert, Marc Allen Eisner, Yuval Feldman, Matthias Finger, Nuno Garoupa, Sharon Gilad, Fabrizio Gilardi, Avshalom Ginosar, Jorn-Carsten Gottwald, Martijn Groenleer, James K. Hammitt, Sangyong Han, Jacint Jordana, Sylvia I. Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, Sukkoo Kim, Per Lagreid, Marc T. Law, David Levi-Faur, Deborah Mabbett, Martino Maggetti, Giandomenico Majone, Axel Marx, Peter J. May, Barry M. Mitnick, Cor van Montfort, Andrew D. Murray, Oren Perez, Dieter Pesendorfer, Roberto Pires, Matthew Potoski, Aseem Prakash, Lisa A. Robinson, Susan Rose-Ackerman, Amit M. Schejter, Colin Scott, Stuart Shapiro, Susan S. Silbey, Annette Elisabeth Töller, Brigitte Unger, Mirjan Oude Vrielink, Michelle Welsh, Frans van Waarden, Kai Wegrich, Bruce Yandle.


"Political science has leap-frogged law, economics and sociology to become the dominant discipline contributing to regulatory studies. David Levi-Faur's volume taps the rich veins of regulatory scholarship that have made this the case. It brings together the talented new network of politics scholars intrigued by the importance of the changing nature of state and non-state regulation. Their fresh insights complement important new work by established stars of the field. Definitely a book to have on your shelf when in search of exciting theoretical approaches to politics". Prof. John Braithwaite, Australian National University

"“Regulation,” in its manifold forms, is the central process of contemporary governance, as it seeks to blend the dynamism of market economies with responsiveness to political and normative demands for health, safety, environmental protection, and fairness. Understanding regulation’s varieties, vulnerabilities and virtues has become a significant focus of academic research and theory. This volume provides an extraordinary survey of research in that field -- a survey remarkable in its comprehensiveness, outstanding in the quality of the contributions by leading regulatory scholars from different nations and academic disciplines". Prof. Robert A. Kagan, Professor of Political Science and Law, University of California, Berkeley

"An authoritative collection by a range of contributors with outstanding reputations in the field". Prof. Michael Moran, WJM Mackenzie Professor of Government, University of Manchester

"This is an extraordinarily useful one-stop-shop for a wide range of traditions and approaches to the political aspects of regulation. David Levi-Faur has assembled a fine collection that by reporting on the state of the art also shows the way ahead for a discipline that has to capture and explain dramatic changes in real-world regulatory philosophies and policies".Prof. Claudio Radaelli, Director, Centre for European Governance, University of Exeter (UK)

"This is an unusually impressive edited volume. Its contributors include the leading academic experts on government regulation from around the world. Its several clearly written and informative essays address the most important topics, issues, and debates that have engaged students of regulatory politics. I strongly recommend this volume to anyone interested in understanding the breadth and depth of contemporary scholarship on the political dimensions of regulation".Prof. David J. Vogel, Department of Political Science & Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley


[media:dicountr.pdf| Special Discount Flyer]

See my Oxford Handbook of Governance

Jordana Jacint and David Levi-Faur (Eds), The Politics of Regulation: Institutions and for the Age of Governance, Edward Elgar Cheltenham, 2004.

Order The Handbook on the Politics of Regulation from Edward Elgar

Jerusalem Papers on Regulation and Governance

Founding Editor Regulation & Governance

The ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance

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