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<br> DAVID LEVI-FAUR (EDITOR) </center>
<br> DAVID LEVI-FAUR (EDITOR) </center>
[[Image:morel7.jpg|thumb|right|160px|Morel Drefler, No Man's Land Series]]&nbsp;  
[[Image:morel7.jpg|thumb|right|160px|<center>Morel Drefler, <br>No Man's Land Series</center>]]&nbsp;  
<br> AIMS  
<br> AIMS  

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Morel Drefler, No Man's Land Series
Morel Drefler,
No Man's Land Series


The Oxford Handbook of Governance will be an innovative, high profile volume that will present an authoritative and accessible state-of-the-art analysis of the governance literature in political science. The volume will offer the core concepts and knowledge on governance in different levels and arenas of politics and policy making. In doing so it aims to establish itself as the essential point of reference for all those working on politics, society and economics from a governance perspective. The volume will be substantial in size and scope, and will contain contributions from approximately 40 leading scholars and practitioners—writing controversially, but always authoritatively—on the key topics and debates around the notion of governance.


The Oxford Handbook of Governance aimed at senior scholars in disciplines such as political science, public policy & administration, international relations, regulation, international law, European Union studies, regional studies and development studies.

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