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David Levi-Faur's Home Page


Prof. David Levi-Faur is Prof. at the Department of Political Science and the School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also a founding editor of Regulation & Governance, a Willey-Blackwell's journal, that aims to serve as a leading platform for the study of regulation and governance in the social sciences. He held research and teaching positions at the University of Haifa, the University of Oxford, the Australian National University, the University of Manchester and the Freie Universität Berlin. He held visiting positions in the London School of Economics, the University of Amsterdam, University of Utrecht and University of California (Berkeley). He currently works on a book manuscript Regulating Capitalism" to be published by Princeton University Press. His work includes special issues of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences (The Global Diffusion of Regulatory Capitalism, co-edited with Jacint Jordana) and Governance (Varieties of Regulatory Capitalism). More recently he acted as editor of the he Oxford Handbook of Governance {OUP, 2012) and The Handbook of the Politics of Regulation (Edward Elgar, 2011).

See also shortbio in Hebrew from Ynet and/or Carolin Aronis interview with me published in the faculty of the Social Sciences Newsletter on the occasion of the end of my role as the Social Sciences Faculty's Phd Program. The interview is in Hebrew.

Levi-Faur is the moderator and founder of the Academia-IL Network which brings together thousands of Israeli academics]

Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar Page

Research Gate page

Eleven years, Going Twelve for the Regulation & Governance Journal


Download Abstracts of 10 Years of Regulation and Governance Jounal

Media Contributions (Hebrew)

Netanyahu's Axing Speech, Haaretz, July 14th 2015

Interview on regulation and the academic training and support for PhD students, TheMarker, April, 25th, 2015

Nationalization as a Policy Instrument

Too many regulations in Israel? (with Nir Kosti)

On the Financial "Big Brother" (Israeli Style)

The Dangers of Consumer's Ranking

Fantasies of competition, reality of exclusion

Making Profit from Risking

Fantasies of competition, reality of exclusion

The science of manufacturing Inequality

Interview with Roy Katz, The Parliament, November 5th 2020; Channel

CURRENT Research

1) Big Financial Data and Consumer Interests: Should Regulation be the Answer?

Project Description: The rise of big data analytics in the financial industry in general and consumer finance in particular is raising old and new issues for public concerns. Issues of moral hazards, discrimination, data manipulation, asymmetric information between lenders and borrowers, privacy, inequality and consumer protection are now being raised and discussed at the EU and the US. Technologies of data collection, automated and algorithmic profiling are changing the landscape of finance. The regulatory response to these challenge is the focus on this project. It asks how, when and with which methods regulators respond (or should respond) to the new realties of big financial data? How do the US and the EU response differ? How can we explain these differences?

2) The Regulation and Governance of Emerging Technologies

Project Description: The challenges of the governance and regulation of emerging technologies are increasingly on the public and political agenda. These challenges call for integrative study and cross-technology fertilization that will cover the impact of artificial intelligence on economic sectors from finance via transport to the labor markets. This project has two aims. First, to challenge the current regulatory governance literature and to refine it with regards to the new challenges and opportunities these technologies offer. Second, to explore the extent in which these new technologies contribute to a further expansion of regulation in general and the regulatory state in particular: Publication Planned or in Progress: Revisiting Regulatory Capitalism: The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence, a manuscript under preparation

3) Regulation for Welfare ? The Polymorphous Regulatory Welfare State

4) The Global Regulatory Agencies Project

5) The Regulatory Intermediaries Project, successful publication in the [The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science]

6) SERS: The Single European Regulatory Space

7) Regulatory Agenda Project

8) Measuring Regulation

Recently Published

1)The Oxford Handbook of Governance
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2012

2) The Handbook of the Politics of Regulation
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, USA,2011

Also see my recent papers in: Jerusalem Papers in Regulation and Governance

Selected publications according to topic:

1)Selected Publications on Regulation & Governance

2) Europeanization

3) Diffusion Studies and Global Public Policy

4) Israeli Political Economy and Public Policy Papers

5) Comparative Research Designs

6) Friedrich List and the Political Economy of the Nation State

The Comparative Agenda Project, Israeli Chapter

Publications and Work in Progress, including access for most of the papers

Regulation and & Governance Research and Projects

The Jerusalem Forum on Regulation and Governance

Jerusalem Papers on Regulation and Governance

Founding Editor Regulation & Governance

Co-chair ECPR standing group on regulatory governance, 2005-2010

Editor, Oxford Handbook of Governance, Oxford University Press, 2012.

Editor, Handbook on the Politics of Regulation, Edward Elgar, 2011.

My course on Regulation, Governance and Governability [Hebrew, HUJI]

Selected publications on regulation and governance

Jacint Jordana and David Levi-Faur, (Eds), Regulation in the Age of Governance, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2004. See also recent review of the book


Research Methods and Research Designs

OnLine course on comparative methods

University of Haifa's Forum on Research Mehods

Thesis and Dissertation Workshop

Selected publication on comparative methods

The Ideal Research Proposal: Wiki Self-Help Page

Styles of Public Policy Research

Rethinking the PhD Projects

Many of these projects were started around 2007 and were handed over around July 2010 on the occasion of my leave for two years of research leave in Berlin.

The Annual Graduate Conference

The Annual International Graduate Student Conference in Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy

Limud BeChevruta

Limud BeChevruta, HUJI

The Graduate Program: Faculty of the Social Sciences

Graduate Program at the Faculty of the Social Sciences, HUJI

Minerva Email List, Social Sciences Phd, HUJI

Department of Political Science PhD

Political Science Phd Students Forum, HUJI

Phd Studnets Workshop, HUJI

Political Science Phd Students, Email List, HUJI



ISEF PhD Students Email List


Regulation and Governance of Emerging Technologies

Big Data: Regulatory Governance Challenges (New Course)

Risk, Insurance and the Role of the State

Democracy and Public Policy

Capitalism: Multidimensional Inquiry

Theories of Public Policy

Democracy and Public Policy in the European Union

Thesis Workshop

Regulation, Governance and Governability

PhD Workshop

Professional Activities in Israel

Modertor and founder of the Israeli Social Sciences Email List SOCIAL SCIENCES-IL Email List. Established February 2008. Moderator until March 2012.

Israeli POLITICAL SCIENCE-IL Email List. Founder of the list and moderator 1997-2010.

HUJI open campus network [on hold, a failure]

Modertor and founder of the Israeli Academia Email List and Facebook Group .

Contact Information

Department of Political Science & The Federmann School of Public Policy & Government
The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel, 91905
Tele:   972-2-5880498 (pub-policy)   Fax:972-2-5880047:
Email:  levifaur at

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